Getting 1-Wire to work

Can anyone help me out here? Im trying to get some DS18B20 temperatures sensors to show in my UI panel.
I have followed many OWFS installation guides… at the moment after following this one, I can read the sensors temps on my browser here, file:///mnt/1wire/10.DA31D6020800/temperature/

I have followed this, but I still cant have the Temperature figure showing on my UI panel, I only get N/A. owserver is running. ip is correct, port is 4304, im using /mnt/1wire/10.DA31D6020800/temperature/ or /mnt/1wire/10.DA31D6020800 as the Device Address and Type as Custom

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Is there anyone in the known universe who has managed to get their 1-wire temperature sensors to show on their ui? If so could you share how you did it

What controller version are you using ?

Do you have owhttpd running going through owserver? Or you can have owfs go through owserver as described on the wiki.
But you need owserver be the main process connecting to the hardware and then owfs or owhttp connect to owserver.

If you have owfs connecting to the hardware I am not to sure that owserver will work.

Thanks for getting back to me...believe it or not I have it working last night! Having owserver and owhttpd running and owfs not running seems to allow it to work.