Handling multiple KNX switch events with same value?


my situaiton is as follows:

Every time a KNX switch is pressed, it sends an “on” telegram. Openremote should listen to these telegrams and perfom some tasks in response.

I’ve setup an openremote sensor bound to the group address of the KNX switch and some Drools to handle the event.

For the first telegram everything is fine. But then the sensor has state “on” and the rules don’t fire any more… ( the sensor value did not change…)

How can we listen for telegrams on a “raw level”, despite the value did change or not?

(I’ve already tried to retract the sensor event, but then I end up in an endless loop. . )

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the Drools used is simply something like:



$e : Event(source==“myKnxSwitchSensor”) // no conditions here …


// do something…

retract($e) // -> endless loop …


Are you familiar with the in memory virtual commands?

I would have the switch turn on in memory virtual "in memory virtual sensor a" on.

If the is hit again turn on "in memory virtual sensor b" and so forth.

How many button presses are you wanting to capture?