Hello from Indielux ☀️

Hello there,

my Name is Elias.
I was told to join this forum to get in contact with @Pierre by Stephan Luckow.

I’m working for www.indielux.com // www.ready2plugin.com and have to evaluate if openremote.io fits our needs.

Looking forward to asking a lot of question and providing feedback on the go.

Hope this post in #uncategorized is OK since there is no introduction topic :grimacing:

~ Elias :beers:

Hi Elias, this is our forum and, yes indeed, you are most welcome to raise questions during your evaluation but be aware it’s an open source project and we also depend on the community to help answering questions…so ask politely :slight_smile:

Shouldn’t that be natural? :grimacing: and of course will do so :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum und Grüße nach Berlin.

Have fun with OpenRemote. :slight_smile: