Help: Cannot connect gateway to manager

Hi all,
I have a problem when connect the gateway to manager.
I install one openremote in the VPS with manager role and other one in my laptop as gateway.
after that, I create new gateway agent in manager and copy clientid and client secret to interconnect form in gateway. vps), port = 80, realm=master and save it.
But status is always CONNECTING.
the port 80 is open in vps when i check.
I don’t know what wrong.
Please help me


If your central instance running at is using the SSL proxy then the port would be 443 and ensure you select secured.

Another problem is that seems to be using the self signed certificate so your edge gateway won’t connect to it (as cannot be trusted)…if you configure the stack with the domain name then it can auto generate an SSL cert using letsencrypt.

I had this same issue and @rich pointed me in the right direction. You should ensure that your DNS records for @ and www point to your VPS server IP address. Secondly, you should modify the compose file to include your domain name so that certbot can pull a certificate for your domain from letsencrypt. In my experience, you need a valid SSL certificate to connect the edge gateway to the central manager.

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