Help connecting Russound/Windows RS-232-USB

I have a CAV6.6 connected via Serial-USB into my Windows machine. It is working to control via HomeSeer so I know the physical connection is good. Now I’m trying to get it connected to OpenRemote. My questions are about formatting the config file-

  1. If the controller is on the same machine as the serial connection should I set “russound.ip=localhost” or comment it out or what?

  2. My com port is 4. In “russound.port=” would I type “COM4” or just “4”?

  3. In “russound.serialDevice=” should I be looking for something like what I see in device manager? “USB\VID_067B&PID_2303\5&23bd4c4&0&3”

This is what I have currently but it’s not working, any advice is appreciated! Thanks

If your controller is on the same machine, you don’t need russound.ip and russound.port
You have to put COM4 as russound.serialDevice.
Juts put russound.serialDevice=COM4

Thanks, That did the trick!