Help me understand how to provide manager_config.json in a custom deployment on a real domain (DEV mode = false)

I have deployed my live system on a real domain by following the guides and building the infrastructure, but I can’t figure out how to get this file in place:

I saw the insturctions for setting --config when running npm serve but it’s not clear to me how the npm build pipeline works outside the context of the local* development workflow.

I get it now - I was confused. I had two different problems:

manager_config.json missing is about a sub-directory that is missing from the /deployment volume mount

Didn’t understand that front end compiled JS is all part of the gradle build, it goes into the docker images fully compiled. Has nothing to do with the config json though

<===========--> 91% EXECUTING [1m 23s]
> :ui:app:custom:npmBuild

Well done figuring this out; documentation on the UI side is a little limited but we’ll try to help with any questions here