Help needed with Enocean EEP A53808 profiel

Hey All,

I am using the Eltako FAM14 modules with the FUD 14 (dimmer).

This was working with the controller 2.1 (

See forum:

With this controller everything is perfect working since march 2014 (I am very happy with that also my wife and child)

Now I am testing wiht the remote controller Pro version 2.6 Beta.

I found that the EEP A53808 profile is not implemented.

How or is it posible to implement the Enocean libary from my current 2.1 controller into the 2.6 controller and rebuild “my own controller” with the implemention of the EEP A53808 profile?

I am very grateful with any help.

See following thread : Controller 2.6.0 beta release Enocean question (EEPA53808)