Help: sensor <-> Raspberry PI <-> openremote


I am a beginner using openremote so, before all, my apologizes for my lack of knowledge and perhaps asking something that could be trivial for others.

I am working on a POC where the use case is as follows:

  1. I have to monitor and interact with sensors on several clients
  2. For each given location (let’s say building) I have a Raspberry Pi where all de sensors are connected
  3. Sensors do not interact directly with internet, there are routed through the Pi
  4. I need to have a registered device in openremote for each sensor so that I can send commands to the sensors o monitor their telemetries
  5. The protocol I want to use is mqtt

I wonder if somebody could put me through the way or best practices to design this kind of integration.

It would be great if finally we could write some kind of tutorial with this example that could help others in the future.

Thanks in advance,


This is a scenario which you can solve with Edge gateways. The only caveat is that Raspberry Pi comes with standard arm/v7/v8 installed and you want replace it with arm64 aarch64 OS. This way you can have full a functional Keycloak on your Raspberry which is much more comfortable to work with than the basic authentication.

Thanks Michal, that makes a lot of sense after reading the link.

However, there is one more thing I do not know (again, sorry for my very basic questions):
assuming I have connected my Pi to the central openremote, so my PI is working as an edge gateway, how do I handle the communication between Pi <-> device.

In other words, if my device is, let’s say, a light bulb allowing communication only through a mqtt channel, how do I config openremote on the Edge Gateway (Pi) to interact with the bulb? Would have a link explaining how to achieve this?

Just in case it makes more clear:

  1. openremote central <-> openremote edge gateway (PI). I understand this after reading your post.
  2. openremote edge gateway (PI) <-> device (bulb through mqtt). I do not know how to do this.

Thanks in advance.

This is device specific. We will be adding more documentation (with videos) covering this subject. @Pierre can you give more details about release schedule? It shouldn’t be long as all pieces are there and all is needed are some docs.