History chart on insights?

I finally managed to get the logs of my devices going into a nice data table on the asset dashboard. Can I somehow get this same overview on an insights dashboard?

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Unfortunately not yet. It is not on the short term planning, but it is on the list.
Depending on your skillset you could add the widget yourself and open a pull request :slight_smile:


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Hi @cheezymcsquibble , I love the way you configured your columns. Can you please share the headerConfig or what was needed to display the attribute so nicely in the history?

Thanks a lot!

Actually, turns out if you create an attribute of type JSON, it will automatically display as table data - as long as you have the ‘show on dashboard’ enabled!

Thanks for your reply. Still, for some reason, on my side it doesn’t want to display data and I also get an error: invalidAttribute

These are my attribute settings:

Any ideea @Don @Rich ?

Thanks a lot everyone!

you need to change the history timeframe to ‘Hour’ instead of ‘day’

Nah, same thing:

Seems to “crash” the history panel as soon as I select the “Status” attribute

also there is a 500 error in the console:

hmm… not really sure… One thing that is different is that my attribute name is ‘logs’, whereas yours is ‘status’ which is also a key in your json. Maybe it gets confused how to handle it?

had the exact same issue on another attribute with ValueDescriptor as ENUM
public enum ModeValueType {

public static final ValueDescriptor<ModeValueType> MODE_VALUE_TYPE_VALUE_DESCRIPTOR =
        new ValueDescriptor<>("modeValueType", ModeValueType.class);

public static final AttributeDescriptor<ModeValueType> MODE_VALUE_TYPE_ATTRIBUTE_DESCRIPTOR =
        new AttributeDescriptor<>("mode",
                new MetaItem<>(MetaItemType.LABEL, "Controller Mode"));

// new MetaItem<>(MetaItemType.STORE_DATA_POINTS, true)

Same error, same 500

I see now the manager logs:
Error for mode (enum type):
ERROR [WebService task-2 ] rnate.engine.jdbc.spi.SqlExceptionHelper : ERROR: invalid input syntax for type boolean: ““AUTO””

Error for JSON:
ERROR [WebService task-4 ] rnate.engine.jdbc.spi.SqlExceptionHelper : ERROR: invalid input syntax for type boolean: “{“reason”: “sunrise”, “status”: false}”

Still…no ideea where does this come from, yet