History of location


If you have the history enabled of the location attribute, is it possible to show a map where the asset has been in stead of a list?



Hey Peter,

I believe I’m the person to talk to about this :sweat_smile:

I’m making a fleet management integration for OpenRemote, and I have gotten a basic location history map working on the main map. I can tell you that it’s quite a difficult task simply because of how the map component has been coded. I’ve made it so that it shows your location history from midnight to right now. It’s very finicky, but it is a PoC. If you want to take a look at it, you can find the code in the fleet-management branch in the OpenRemote repository. Maybe you can see something that I don’t :slightly_smiling_face:

It may be very useful for your use case, I’d love a second pair of eyes on this!

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Hi Panos,

I consider the map as the actual state of the assets. It automatically updates where they are. With the colours you can assign to them you have a great dashboard of the actual state of your IoT network. It is a generic, flexible, clear and well-defined use case. That is the main use case of my cows and maybe for your vehicles.

As a user, I want to know where the cow has been for a configurable amount of time. This is already a detailed question. As a user, I do not mind going into the asset tree and looking for the history component in the UI. Instead of having the history table, I want the coordinates on a map. A small one in the same history component is enough. The coordinates in the table view are impractical and do not provide any information to my user, only data. If I want to have data, I use the data export. You already increased the usability by adding a graph instead of raw sensor data. I want to add a map instead of raw location data.

Take as an example: For longer extended periods of time, take a year, I want to have a heat map of where they have been. I would use an insights widget for that. As a scientist, if I want to do data analysis on a cow for extended periods of time, I export the data and process it out of the platform.

The widgets in the insights tab are simply great designed for custom visualisation. They are orthogonal in design. It means, you can do whatever you want, without the need to alter the code of functionality of the rest of the platform. For a customer, a platform is never enough. The widgets provide small manageable components they can use to extend the data visualisation of the platform to the exact need of the customer.

This is a bit of an explanation of what I am looking for. I am just looking for a more comprehensible representation of history location data.

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Just catching up on some old forum posts.

I think it would be nice for the history panel to support using a map for location history, will add something to our backlog for this.