How can I connect from my Android phone to a localhost OpenRemote instance?

Hi all,

I just downloaded the OpenRemote Android App, and just after open it, it says “Enter the app domain”. But I don’t know what is the meaning of that.

I am running OpenRemote in my personal computer, in localhost. What would be the process to connect to it from my Android phone?


Hi @dgutierrez
The app asks for a domain (an fqdn) and then for a realm
Not sure if it works with local dns names (I suppose it depends from which dns it queries) but if you are in the same network you can try with https://[youropenremoteipaddress] as the domain. Never tried btw, if it queries a public dns it won’t work

If you run the docker with localhost, you can‘t reach it with your smartphone.

You can edit the docker-compose.yml and add the ip of your server/PC running the docker.


OR_HOSTNAME= OR_SSL_PORT=8443 docker-compose -p openremote up -d


cmd /C "set OR_HOSTNAME= && set OR_SSL_PORT=8443 && docker-compose -p openremote up -d"
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docker-compose.yml: error while interpolating services.keycloak.environment.KEYCLOAK_ADMIN_PASSWORD: required variable OR_ADMIN_PASSWORD is missing a value: OR_ADMIN_PASSWORD must be set

@Denis this error is coming can you please help me with it. And can you please tell me further steps to connect app

If you want to access in local network then give and if you have pulic access with ssl then use https://domain name / public ip

edit your yml file

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