How can we add User roles and permissions?

We need custom user roles and permissions. How can we add it? Also need a little help with sending insight data from outside service. Can anyone help me with it?

After login there is three dot on right side corner , click on and choose user , you can send data throuh mqtt.

Hi @binayak87 and welcome to the forum
When you create a user you can flag him as a “restricted user”
Restricted users can only read/write on the assets linked to them, so for example you can create a RestrictedUser01 and link him to asset01, then he’ll see only asset01.
Also remember that you need to flag the single attributes inside the asset, with the configuration item “access restricted read” and “access restricted write”. So for example if asset01 has attribute1, attribute2 and attribute3, and you set it like this:

attribute1: nothing
attribute2: “access restricted read”
attribute3: “access restricted write”, “access restricted read”

he won’t see attribute1, he will read but won’t write on attribute2 and do everything on attribute3

Better explanation at the link below

Actually I want something write:blob and read:blob like permissions to be set, not a restricted user like permission.

I’m sorry, I’m not understanding what you mean.
Can you try to explain in detail what permissions you need to assign?

It’s view:image and write:image like permission.