How do I try an unsupported language?

I would like to use openremote in Japanese.
Could you please tell me how to add an unsupported language and try it?

Hi language files can be added here openremote/manager/src/web/shared/locales at master · openremote/openremote · GitHub

Would be great if you could create the Japanese file and share? We’ll happily add it to the code for other Japanese users.

Hi Pierre,

Thanks for the advice.
I will check the code and give it a try.
If I have any questions, I will ask.
Once we are sure everything is okay, we will share it with you!

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Don’t forget to update this file as well, to show Japanese as an option: openremote/index.ts at master · openremote/openremote · GitHub

Your timing was good.
I just found this code a few minutes ago.
Is it OK if I modify the translation file (ja folder) and this file and docker build it?

Should be OK indeed to modify it.