How to add new page to interface

hello everyone,
do you have a tutorial about adding a new page to openremote interface? how do access to assets, attributes, realms, users, permissions,… and everything is needed for a new feature?

Did you check this wiki page: Developer Guide: UI apps and components · openremote/openremote Wiki · GitHub ?

Thanx @Pierre
I read these documents but i don’t know:
Server side is pure java or Spring framework?
Only entities(models) implemented by java, or server side contrllers and much more things implemented by java?
Is your client side framework reactjs?
If yes or no, do you have a sample to cover adding an example feature and related works in all layers? From postgres to java and typescript

Unfortunately there is very limited documentation for custom frontend apps at this time.

If you want to add a new page to the manager UI then you need to work in the ui/app/manager directory and everything is written in typescript, the wiki explains how to get a development environment running and then it would be a matter of copy/paste one of the existing pages and then updating boilerplate to include your new page in headers/menus/routing.