How to compare two attribute of same asset and send text result

Let’s say if I want to compare values of two attributes of same assets (both are temperature), for example: if room temperature ‘is less than’ set temperature since last 30 minutes continuously than send “AC Over Cooling”

Please help me to write this rule.

Can I write this rule in javascript or Json?

Have you considered creating a flow rule?

You allowed me to test this out with an easy example. I never used it before. Thank you for that. The first screenshot shows how to configure your attributes; the second screenshot shows how the rule is written. Written is the wrong wording; you can better say: How your rule is drawn. :grinning:

Can somebody from the maintainers clarify if a flow rule can support temporary facts or time information? I did not find it.

I advise you to have a look at Groovy rules. It is a functional style rules engine implemented via the interface. Only your imagination is the limit with these scripts.

Have a lot of fun. I have had some with your example!


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