How to configure APIs for a Custom created Asset

Hi Team,

I created a custom project and added a custom asset to it.

Can someone please tell me, where I can add some APIs to it.

Also, can anyone tell me ?

Where or How can I find the swagger UI for my Project.

I am able to access the the project using → http://localhost:9000/manager/
I have added a new user with permission to read and write.

Please guide me though this.

This is the traditional request response API with live documentation available via Swagger UI (see /swagger/ URL of your manager)

If you are going to use postman.
The import of your.awesome.domain/api/master/openapi.json will fail because of this issue.

Just add the version to the info and then it works.

Or here - be sure to replace / delete.txt:
openremote.json.txt (93.6 KB)

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@BrutalBirdie if my app is hosted at localhost:9000/manager/

I should be able to access the swagger the swagger using localhost:9000/manager/swagger/
or /swagger/localhost:9000/manager/

I tried both ways, still this isn’t working out for me.

http://localhost:9000/swagger/ should it be.

Was the documentation unclear to you? It states /swagger/ as the path.
Could the documentation be improved in your eyes to reflect that easier?

No, actually I tried the same link but it didn’t work-out for me.

Also, in addition to this.

I created a new project and now I am able to access the swagger-ui from that project location.
I believe, something was definitely wrong with the config.

The documents should have been more clear about how to interact with assets.

What do you define as more clear please give examples, pointers and explanations so the people here can improve the documentation.

A simple should have been more clear adds no value what so ever and does not help future people not running into the same issue you had.

Like, could this be explained using some video for future developers or noobs like me.

Like → How to create your own asset, how to test the custom features using api in you local, etc.