How to deploy OpenRemote in HA and DR setups?

How to deploy OpenRemote in HA and DR setups? Any deployment scripts?

HA and DR is still work in progress. At this moment the best shot is that all is containerised, there are docker-compose files and some tries were made to run it under different orchestrators like Docker Swarm and Kubernetes. For HA we just use what public cloud providers offer and count on their infrastructure and protections. As for DR we’ve set up CI/CD pipelines in GitLab, which are moving to GitHub Actions. In case of disaster (as it happened lately with fire in OVH datacenter in Strasbourg), we spun new servers and pointed CD to new these.

Data are stored in Postgresql and you can export and import them with CLI psql or simply copy the whole posgresql docker volume. Here is one liner to do it:

docker run --rm -v openremote_postgresql-data:/from alpine ash -c "cd /from ; tar -cf - . "  | ssh user@recovery_host 'docker run --rm -i -v openremote_postgresql-data:/to alpine ash -c "cd /to ; tar -xpvf - " '

I hope this helps.

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