How to know the id of the HTTP agent to Link in Asset

I am trying to replicate what happens in this video.

But I can’t find the agent’s id anywhere.

See video minute 2:40 where you enter the agent’s link. →

Can someone explain to me how this process of linking agents with assets is done?

Thanks greetings

The agent’s ID is in the URL when you navigate to the asset page of the agent. It could look like this:

And then you should take the last part, which is the agents ID: 501p87wK1bhf6Dh2M5ZQZj

It is kind of skipped in the video indeed :slight_smile: See the wiki tutorial page here: Tutorial: Open Weather API using HTTP Agent · openremote/openremote Wiki · GitHub
Note that you have to use type “HTTPAgentLink” and not “HttpAgentLink” as shown in the video.

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Perfect, Thank you so much :slight_smile: