How to reuse web components in my new frontend developed on React

Dear seniors, I have already deployed Openremote Manager on my dedicated server using docker image, it is working absolutely fine, I can create asset and using MQTT protocol to connect with attributes. After that I can set new dashboard and can view live data into selected widgets.

Now here I want to create a new frontend in React framework, and want to create dashboard using some of my newly created widgets but by using the same assets and it’s attributes.

What is the appropriate way to do this?

Hi! Of course you can :slight_smile:

We have an @openremote/core component that has several functions to authenticate,
use our HTTP API, et cetera. @openremote/model has all models used with the Manager.
Every UI element, every utility function is built using Web Components, and can be found in the
/ui/component/ folder of our manager repo.

Since we build native Web Components, you can use them in your React application as well.

You can also skip those dependencies and just use our HTTP API to get assets/attributes,
and build most of the UI yourself. Information of that can be found here.