How to send data to OpenRemote


I am pretty new to OpenRemote so there is a high chance my question has been answered and I just couldn’t find the answer.

I am using OpenRemote because I have different programs that need to share data between themselves but let me give you a description to make it more concrete.

I have an EMS that predicts the battery usage, local consumption and grid exchange of the system that it manages. All this information needs to be sent as messages to another program under, let’s call it Prog1, which will also be sent back to the EMS (so a back and forth data exchange under the form of messages).

I’d like to use MQTT because later on other programs will be added and each could subscribe to the message that is relevant to it rather than the whole data.
I have managed to set up and connect a MQTT client to OpenRemote. Using MQTT Explorer I can send in text and values to the asset created in OpenRemote which is all nice and fun.

My problem/question is that I am manually writing and sending these texts and values while I would like the program to be able to automatically input them and send them to the asset.
Am I supposed to do this through MQTT Explorer?
Basically, I am just unsure how I am supposed to connect my OpenRemote Asset to a program that generates dataframes.

Please let me know if you need more information or if anything is unclear. I am also fine getting redirected to a document. Thanks!

If you are not a programmer, I’d suggest you to take a look at node-red
It’a software that allows you to program logically based on blocks, with that you can for example read/write with serial/ethernet/whatever to you sensor/program and then read/write with MQTT to OpenRemote. It depends on how you can read and write to the EMS, once you know that you can send back and forth to OpenRemote

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Hi pcr,

Thanks for the info, I will give it a try!