How to set text on Button asMomentary Boolean atribute?

How do I set the text on the boolean attribute set as a button as shown below?

I have a configuration that only displays buttons with a transparent background.

First of all, welcome!

Can you elaborate what you’re looking for?

A boolean attribute uses a switch control by default.
However, I have no clue about the ‘asMonetary’ configuration item as I’ve never used it myself.

sorry, I meant the asMomentary format on the boolean attribute, so I want to add text above the boolean attribute, like in the first picture I provided. can you tell me what needs to be configured?

Doesn’t the Label configuration item work for this?
If you click ‘Add configuration Item’ and then click ‘Label’, that might work.

And if it doesn’t, then we probably need to make changes in the code…

@Don any idea?

As I remember this functionality is not in a very good state unfortunately. @Delfin24 If you are capable, feel free to make the required adjustments to the code and open a pull request.

I’m running openremote in a docker container, how do I change the code in the docker container?

You cannot update the code inside the docker container as it is compiled.
It requires setting up the OpenRemote development environment.

Simply clone the GitHub repo, create a new branch,
run the install steps as mentioned in the Working on UI and apps documentation,
adjust the UI code necessary, and push the code to open a PR.