How to setup Restricted asset access

Hi all,

In this link User Guide: Asset Security it is stated “Restricted users can only access their linked assets”. As well as an example that is given.

If I understand is correctly, although multiple assets belong to a certain realm it is possible to specify which user can read/ see which assets. So they can’t see all assets that are created in the realm.

I am trying to achieve this, but I can’t figure out how. Is there any documentation on how to create such a setup?

Thanks in advance


This functionality isn’t currently configurable in the Manager UI (there is work pending to add this functionality); once this is complete you will be able to make a user restricted from the users page and also be able to configure which assets they are linked to.

For now you either have to do this in setup code like shown in our own test setup code:

Or you will have to use the keycloak admin UI to add the restricted_user realm role to the user and then use psql on the user_asset table to create the links between the user and assets.