How to Use Asset API to update asset location

I tried to follow the User Guide: Use Asset API


But when i tried to call the first api request using Postman


and replacing values <your-domain> with my domain name and <realm> with master, i got status error 401 Unauthorized.

so how i can solve this problem

I am afraid that these calls don’t work anymore. There was a major work with restructuring the asset model and it might be that these calls aren’t supported anymore. @rich can you elaborate?

Hi Michal

Thanks for your reply.

It’s a very sad news, but how can i simulate updating an asset location from a 3rd-party application without using a real IOT device, just from a HTTP request or other way.

The endpoint you mention is for interrogating the asset model but your title asks about updating the location attribute of an asset, if you want to update the location from an external system then you can use:

  • HTTP REST API - see this post for details
  • MQTT - see wiki (this will be updated in the next few days though to make this a bit easier to follow)
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