How to use the AttributeEvent payload

We would like to send all measured sensor data from our IoT device in a single message.
We are under the impression it would be possible to do this by publishing to the following topic {realm}/{clientId}/writeattribute (first option in the publish section of User Guide: Manager APIs).

This would require us to send a AttributeEvent as the payload/message. We do not understand what we should send.

Could someone give an example. Let’s say we want to send O2 and DB measurements and have a device with a assetId of 76i7cKXmcPeVFssWPPPokd, in realm alkmaar and has a client id of ABCDEF12.

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All Sensor Data in one message doesn’t work. (@Rich should correct me, if i’m false).

the correct path in your example would be:

alkmaar/ABCDEF12/writeattributevalue/O2/ 76i7cKXmcPeVFssWPPPokd
alkmaar/ABCDEF12/writeattributevalue/DB/ 76i7cKXmcPeVFssWPPPokd

Then what is AttributeEvent anyways?

I guess an Event is an Update for the Attribute.

If your O2 Sensor is changing the Value from 20.9% to 20.8% and is Publishing to your asset, then it is an Event.

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