How to White Label my Openremote dashboard?

I want to white label my dashboard in openremote how can I do that I need a detailed explanation i’m pretty new to openremote are there any wiki pages on this.

follow this

Thanks, it was really helpful. And I had another question how can I Whitelabel my login page is that possible using custom deployment if yes then How can I do that?

pls follow below link

if anything needed let me know

I want to Whitelabel this page it is not mentioned in the YT video.

u want to open this with https ??

No I want to change the logo on login page mentioned above is it possible?

Yes it is possible , you can change.

Hi @raotanmay97,

You will want to add a Keycloak theme. See this post for pointers: Authentication logo - #5 by Denis


Hey Don, I have made the changes do I need to add anything to docker-compose.yml file.
These are the changes I made: