[HTTP] Can get asset but not an individual attribute from the asset

I’m using the HTTP API and can successfully

GET /api/master/asset/5o1NEwSh5ezdToQOgAj362

and then extract the battery attribute, but when I

GET /api/master/asset/datapoint/5o1NEwSh5ezdToQOgAj362/attribute/battery

I get a 500 Internal Server Error.

There’s nothing in the GET ​/asset​/datapoint​/{assetId}​/attribute​/{attributeName} Swagger that makes me think I’m doing anything wrong.

Is there more to using this method than I realise?

It’s nearly a week since I posted this question and I’ve not had any responses, which I guess means nobody knows why this happens! So should I file a bug report?

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sorry, I will check this now.

@Denis I wasn’t complaining, just observing! But thanks. :slight_smile:

Hi rmwiseman,

thank you for sharing, this is a bug, I will open an issue at github.

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I wasn’t aware that this topic existed, whoops.
This is the first time I encounter the issue, but it apparently was there for a long time indeed.

Last week we added new charting functionality, also enhancing the datapoint endpoint.
We changed the HTTP API spec to use a querying approach using POST and a body with details.
This is also to future-proof the endpoint for features we have planned.

So I guess that update would solve the problem since its spec got changed, and we’re not using DatapointInterval anymore. Updating the manager to the most recent version should do it.
Be aware of the migration steps if using a production server.

I put some comments down in the GitHub issue on the topic as well.

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In updated manager, I can see POST - /asset/datapoint/assetID/attributes/attributesname. Now can I see resent datapoints from POSTMAN? I want to receive datapoints for particular asset’s attributes in my custom UI using HTTP API