In the documentation for Openremote designer, it refers to a HTTP/REST protocol, under (Create Command section) but I cannot find anyway to implement a command using this protocol. I have Controller 2.5 installed on a Windows 7 box, if this is available on other hardware I could make the switch but Windows PC is needed for other stuff anyway and is on 24/7.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction.


What are you trying to do with it?


I am trying to post REST commands to SONY Bravia TV, I can do this with “Simple REST Client” and now want to integrate this into controller commands

Use and Documentation 2.5. It has a more complete overview, including reference HTTP/REST under ‘Documentation Designer 2.5’ We are migrating and updating all documentation, which takes some time and effort.

This is the documentation I was referring to, in the list of protocols it includes HTTP/REST under the create command section, but when I us Create command in the designer this option does not appear

What designer are you using ? ?
HTTP is definitely available as a protocol. REST is just a way to use HTTP, it’s not a protocol per se.

Ok thanks Eric, i was misunderstanding the documentation, when i saw the separate entry in the list of protocols for HTTP/REST i was expecting a separate UI control in the designer, i will experiment

with the HTTP command. I have seen a detailed description in the user forum for the appropriate HTTP, but this description ended up using the System execute command to execute curl, i cannot get this to work on a windows controller however, Does anyone have experience of using the HTTP command for this SONY TV protocol, or maybe i should try migrating my controller to linux or mac and try using curl then.

a typical command might be (Power off)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>AAAAAQAAAAEAAAAvAw==

this would be the data content but would only work when preceded by various headers, including a cookie for authentication, i am not sure how i would speciify this in a HTTP command .

P.S. by the way i am using the online designer, i didnt know there were any others.