I want to connect MQTTx with my Openremote

I am trying to connect MQTTx with OpenRemote. OpenRemote is deployed to an AWS Linux on a ip address.

What is the problem with this same works on localhost fine but not on AWS.

Check if your ingress security group is open on port 8883.

I Think it is open on 8883

Hi @raotanmay97
Iā€™m not really practical in AWS but you should also check on AWS firewall if 8883 ingress is opened. You can also try with a telnet on port 8883 on your AWS public ip

after click on connect what is showing in mqttx

also try 1883 and see if that is open as well in AWS SG inbound

Hi, @apurba
When I click on connect it loads for a while and then this message appears:
Error: connect ECONNREFUSED

Hi, @sam786
I have tried that too

Plase note you wrote 8083 instead of 8883

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Yeah I added another Custom TCP port 8883 its working now ! Thanks for help