If / then / else rule with drools 6.4 (OR controller 2.6.0 beta 3) not working

Hello all,

I have updated today to OR controller 2.6.0 beta 3. I read that drools is now v.6.4 and old rules may not work anymore. For me it looks like that simple if / then / else statements are not working anymore or am I doing something wrong with the code below. For info, “minuteV” is a range sensor which delivers a value from 0…60.

rule “if then else”
$evt:Event( source == “minuteV”, $val : value)
String valStr = String.valueOf($val);
if ( String.valueOf($val) == “60” )
System.out.println("[minuteV = 60!");
System.out.println(“minuteV < 60”);