IFTTT Interface for OR 3.0


are we thinking of an IFTTT interface?


Personally I’m not interested in closed source services running on other people’s computers. But if someone wants to do this, it should be possible.

Depends what you want to do. If you take the IFTTT’s Maker channel then you can easily trigger it from within OR with an HTTP call. This you can use for any kind notifications that IFTTT offers or any other actions.

I have never tried receiving an action from the IFTTT’s Maker channel. Maybe it is possible if you need it. In any case you can set up a netcat server which will dump frames to a text file, which then you can read in with the OR.

All in all, it depends what you want. But IMHO getting closer integration with IFTTT is not worth the effort. Perhaps only for visibility it would be nice.

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It looks like no one addressed the ITFFF for a long time.

I have a different idea that agrees somewhat with Michal’s opinion. If you just want to monitor power of devices such as oven, microwave’ you dryer etc. using a metered power socket is an easy solution. Broadlink and may be others have a ITFFF based such sockets are reasonable price ~$22 each. If you only need current that along with other posts around OR forum, you can build a very accurate home power monitor.

I ddi not try HTTP devices so if any one did something with similar device, it will be nice to get an opinion / experience.

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