Hello Everybody,

i follow the instructions in User Guide: Connecting to a HTTP API…

to check the platform but unfortunately although i was pretty sure that everything was right i cannot get the temperature…

  1. I generate Api Key and in http returns me a JSON record

{"coord":{"lon":23.72,"lat":37.98},"weather":[{"id":802,"main":"Clouds","description":"scattered clouds","icon":"03n"}],"base":"stations","main":{"temp":289.15,"feels_like":287.59,"temp_min":288.15,"temp_max":290.37,"pressure":1014,"humidity":77},"visibility":10000,"wind":{"speed":3.1,"deg":170},"clouds":{"all":40},"dt":1609004701,"sys":{"type":1,"id":6613,"country":"GR","sunrise":1608961180,"sunset":1608995507},"timezone":7200,"id":264371,"name":"Athens","cod":200}

  1. I created in manager (older version) the agent

  2. after that i create the appropriate attribute

But finally i received an
Error processing from SENSOR (protocol: urn:openremote:protocol:httpClient) - ILLEGAL_AGENT_UPDATE: AttributeEvent{timestamp=Sat Dec 26 19:12:53 CET 2020, attributeState=AttributeState{attributeRef=AttributeRef{entityId=‘1x3aG8LWFVxKmShXeKDjX6’, attributeName=‘poutsideTemp’}, value=5.85, deleted=false}}

Any ideas ?

This is going to get much, much more intuitive in the newer UI but looks like you’ve created the agent linked attribute on the Agent itself, it needs to be on a different Asset as Agent attribute values cannot be updated without editing the entire Agent.

Hello again,…

When i was using a different Asset works fine…