Import historical data points

Hi, I am new to this forum, finding a lot of good resources and sharing!

I am deploying an OR3 to monitor a few solar power generator sites, and have set up some charts in insight to see the trend.

Previously we had 2 years’ of daily power generation history and they are stored in a csv. Does anyone know if there is a way I can import them into OR so I can see them in the chart as well?

Many thanks in advanced!

Hello Jeffrey,

this is a question which @Rich can answer. On the other hand, all data points are stored in postgresql database, therefore is you are handy with raw SQL you could write there anything you want. However, this would be a hard core approach, maybe there is a simpler one already?

Thanks @michal for the great pointer! Am looking into the postgres db and will try to insert some history data points to try :slight_smile:

Unfortunately no quick way to do this but as @michal mentioned, the historical data is stored in the postgresql container and you can use psql to import csv data, to run psql use docker exec like:

docker exec -it <POSTGRES_CONTAINER_NAME> psql -U postgres
\c openremote

You’re then connected to the OR database and the table of interest is called asset_datapoint.

Note if you want to store data for an attribute long term then make sure you add a Data points max age days configuration item to the attributes otherwise by default the data retention time is 30 days. You can also alter your compose file and set the DATA_POINTS_MAX_AGE_DAYS environment variable for the manager container.

This should get you going.

Got it! Thanks @Rich!

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