Installation on Plesk Docker

Plesk has docker management console and i wonder anybody can provide me information about how envoirement variables has to be and do i need to install keycloak as well in a seperate container.

And what is this keycloak cause i have error on starting manager container which says,
2022-01-29 02:22:35.742 INFO [main ] curity.keycloak.KeycloakIdentityProvider : Connecting to Keycloak server: http://keycloak:8080/auth
2022-01-29 02:22:35.744 INFO [main ] curity.keycloak.KeycloakIdentityProvider : Keycloak server not available, waiting…

when i try to start manager container i’ve got this info:

and this is second contrainer - keycloak / how do i need to configure this?

I have no experience with Plesk Docker but from what I see is that the manager cannot find keycloak service. Are you starting the whole stack with the provided docker-compose.yml? Some default environment variables values are set there. Also note that http://keycloak:8080/auth is on internal docker network and has to be resolved by docker itself. This can be a difference between Plesk Docker and standard docker. There is also a way to start the stack without keycloak.

Hi michal, plesk allows us to download directly from docker hub to server and after editing the necessery variants we can start from user interface with a click of start button. First, i want to know how envoirement variables has to be for first start and second thing is do i need to start the keycloak container together with the manager container. If yes which path of the keyclock container i have to use for writing as an envoirement variable of the manager container.

i do not want to directly install over terminal cause plesk already have good features to manage all docker containers. I will be glad if we can find a way to use it.

Thx for support.

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