Is this still possible?

For a long time, I’ve been using the old OpenRemote 2 for a basic task - send a UDP broadcast that was picked up by EventGhost. I created simple iPad layouts with buttons for my A/V gear and it worked great until the latest iOS update.

I spun up the latest docker image and have to say I’m a bit lost. Is the new version of OpenRemote capable of doing what I need? If so, could you please provide a bit of guidance to get me started? I’d truly appreciate it!

Hi Geo,

We’ve moved away from home automation into the professional domain. Our focus currently is on manufacturers who use OpenRemote to manage their product and build custom apps that fit their requirements. So the drag and drop interface for creating your own app is not available anymore.

You can still send the UDP broadcast, and you can still create an app, but you will need some technical skills.

There might be a solution coming up for you, but I can’t give a timeline on it: you can create data dashboards in OpenRemote that will get an option to also add buttons and switches. Then you could open the insights page in the openremote app.

Good luck,


Thanks for the update.

For home automation projects then there’s projects like Home Assistant which should do what you need.

Thanks for the recommendation - I am using HA already and it does work for my needs by sending a http command to be acted on. I just liked the simplicity of creating a quick and custom panel with OR.

However, it seems OR may still be working for me as my issues with iPads may have been related to my 2.4 wifi and not the update that coincidentally happened at the same time. Putting them on 5G is working since last night. I may have a faulty device causing issues that I’ll be looking into after work.