JSON MQTT LoRaWAN Helium - read and write

I’m trying to convert JSON data sent from LoRaWAN device on helium network and use for reading and sending attributes. Reading seems to work.

  1. Is there an example configuration?
  2. Is it possible to subscribe to the topics and extract all the attributes at once?
  3. How to send commands to MQTT in JSON, its writing only plain text
    Found this guide but it not really clear to me

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Hi Andy,

OpenRemote doesn’t have an example configuration for the Helium LoRaWAN network. I could imagine that configuring MQTT topics is similar to Chirpstack or The Things Network (see tutorial: Receive LoRaWAN sensor data from ChirpStack and also the following The Things Network related forum post).

The aforementioned Chripstack tutorial describes how to extract asset attribute values from a MQTT JSON subscription topic for each asset attribute individually. I think it’s not possible to do that in a single step for all asset attributes.

The configuration for sending data by means of MQTT should be similar to receiving MQTT data. I think you will need the following configuration items:

  • Custom attribute (value type: Text, Number, Boolean …)
  • MQTT Agent link
  • ‘Write Value’ agent link parameter which contains the JSON structure with a {$value} placeholder
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I’m not sure this fits your discussion/situation, but just wanted to let you know about attribute linking. If you have JSON data coming in through an agent link in one attribute, you can use attribute link to filter it and write it to multiple attributes. See point 5 in this tutorial: Tutorial: Open Weather API using HTTP Agent · openremote/openremote Wiki · GitHub