JSON Schema for data types

Hi everyone, im having issues linking an attribute with another one. I need some help with the JSON format. Is there some JSON template i can follow? Thanks

More info about the issue. In one attribute i have the temperature and humidity readings of a sensor in JSON format. I want to link only the temperature read to other attribute in NUMBER format.


At the moment there is no documentation for the JSON schema the best approach is to look for any tests that cover this functionality, for attribute linking there is this test.

Objects are serialised generally by looking at the properties of the objects so you can use GitHub search or navigate the model packages to figure out the JSON schema.

Attribute Link is a configuration item and the data types of configuration items can generally be found in MetaItemType.

As can be seen the Attribute Link configuration item type is defined as AttributeLink[] and the AttributeLink type can be found here.

You can then look at the fields and types in AttributeLink to figure out the JSON schema, for AttributeLink something like the following should work for your case:

     "ref": {
        "id": ASSET_ID
        "name": ATTRIBUTE_NAME
     "filters": [
         "type": "jsonPath",
         "path": "\$.temperature",
         "returnFirst": true

When I find some time I will rollout JSON forms support for all data types so the UI will show a nice easy to use form based UI for creating any configuration items not just AgentLink

Thanks for the information Rich! Best regards