Kamstrup MC401 Protocol

Hi Guys,

I like to share with you my protocol code for ORv3 dedicated to read out Multical® 401 Heater Meter from Kamstrup. You can find it at Github: https://github.com/siliconehuntsman/mc401
It is fully functional code, though it requires hardware part either from Kamstrup or DIY to communicate with the meter. I will document the simple circuit soon. The code has been tested outside of OR server with limited “manual” in-server tests.

This is my first real Java code and effect of OpenRemote server exploration. I’m open for any suggestions how to improve this code.

Best regards,

Hi Michal, nice to see you back :slight_smile: Note there will still be some asset refactoring, so your protocol might need some adjustments. Will keep you posted.

Hi Pierre, please just keep me up-to-date with mods. There is a good side of isolation that I have more time for nice things :slight_smile:

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