Keep some assets write restricted and some other asset write allow


I created an asset write restricted, and it is working ok. Now I need to create a plug asset that the user can turn on and off. However, I can’t find the configuration items combination to allow the user to switch the plug asset keeping it restricted in any other assets.

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Hi gandalf
You should try to flag the user as a restricted user, then link him only to the assets he need to see.
At this point, for every attribute you can choose “Access Restricted Read” or “Access Restricted Write”, if you don’t set anything he won’t see it

Hi pcr.

Actually, I already had achieved what I wanted to. In fact, using “Access Restricted Write” configuration item, plus the “write attribute” for the restricted user. The thing is than OR, graphically show like the user has write permission for all attributes and allow change the attribute, but returns “send failed” for those attributes without “write attribute”. The thing is that this so confusing for the final users. The image below shows how the user can switch the attribute off or on, but really, OR is not allowing the operation. However, graphically, the switch change it status. In the second image, it looks like the user has permission to change all attribute, but just one of them has the “write attribute” checked.

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Oh, I got your point.
I managed this need by grouping the assets in a tab for writable data and a tab for non writable data, seems to be a good workaround but would be a nice feature to just “gray out” buttons that are not writable

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Looks like we need to make a change to improve this so I’ve created an issue for it:

Thank you Rich.

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