Keycloak container unhealthy

Im trying to do a clean install of the platform, but im encountering this problem when executing docker-compose -p openremote up:

ERROR: for keycloak Container “bbedcbaec514” is unhealthy

I am having the same issue

Can you share the docker logs of both the keycloak and postgresql container?

In the most cases its helpful if you delete the keycloak.json file in “/deployment/manager/”

I did make improvements around those temp credentials and manually deleting them shouldn’t be needed with recent manager versions.

As Martin said we need to see the docker logs…

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It seems for me the main problem was installing docker desktop on Ubuntu by downloading the .deb package rather than using apt. If I installed using apt and changed the commands to the following (without the ‘-’) it seems to work:

sudo docker compose pull
sudo docker compose -p openremote up

  • another gotcha was than I had to manually stop the apache2 service prior to running the second command or the proxy container would fail.

Hope this helps

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Yeah newer versions of docker have compose baked in so no need for separate docker-compose anymore.

updating docker-compose resolve the problem. Thanks for the help!