Kml route into map

Good morning everyone
I wrote few lines of code to convert extracted location data into a .kml file
Now I’d like to automate the process and maybe upload it to OpenRemote, I’d like to have inside an asset a daily or live route (atm I’m uploading it to Google Maps)
Is there any way to do this? Anyone tried something similar?

Thanks in advance!

It’s now possible to overlay GEOJSON data onto the manager map; maybe this could fit your needs?

Interesting, how does it work?
Also, is it possible to overlay only in the asset map and not on the general map? That would be messy if they meet together
I couldn’t find an easy way, at the moment I’m generating a kml into an html and hosting it in a web server to upload the link

Hi, you can add a GeoJSON for each realm under ‘settings/appearance’ and Map settings. Unfortunately, at this stage it will show up on the main map as well as the map on the asset page. You can however choose to not show it on the Insights - map widget.

Hi Pierre, thanks for the explanation
Unfortunately I need something more like a daily route on the map inside the asset, I’ll go on with the html hosting and wait for possible future updates
Many thanks!