KNX Power consumtion DPT 14.056 14.019 14.027 13.*4-signed value

Dear all,

I’m new to Openremote and KNX protocol.

I have interfaced a lot of simple elements such as switches, sliders, …

I try now to display some informations from a Power consumption indicator ( HAGER TE332 ).

Datapoint type from my TE332 are:

  • 14.056 for power consumption

  • 14.019 for curent

  • 14.027 for potential

  • 13.*4-signed value for total energy.

It seem theses DPT are not supported.

Has anyone ever successfully interfaced with these DPT ?

Is there any way to achive these kind of goal ?

Thanks in advance for any recommandation and help

Best Regards