Launching smart consumer electronics products

After searching for a good open-source IOT cloud platform, I think my search ends here. Using the demo provided, this platform seems to have every feature that I need and it seems quite promising as well. Thank you OR team for such an open-source excellent platform.

I just need a slight hint about beginning my journey. Here is my use case:

  1. Customer purchases a product (Light, Switch panel, Camera, etc).
  2. He downloads my app for to use the product.
  3. He uses OAuth 2.0 for logging in to my app.
  4. After logging in, he connects the device to his LAN and registers the device into his account
  5. He gains complete control over the device. Also, he can share the device with other user accounts for control as well.

As a developer I want to:

  1. Setup Open Remote in my VPS (Already gone through documentation about installation). Thus, the backbone for the thousands of products that I sell is Open Remote.
  2. Use React and React Native to develop web and mobile applications that consume the API provided by open remote for controlling and managing devices.
    3.Create a Completely different look and feel at the frontend but Open Remote at the backend.

Can my use cases be implemented by Open Remote?

I am unable to find the API endpoints that I consume for developing the front-end of my application for my clients to manage and control the devices.

Need little hints.

Thank you!!

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for the API endpoints there is a built-in swagger documentation. Hope this helps.


Well, it seems to be the exact thing that I was looking for… A big thank you Michal…

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