Limit which assets and which attributes are shared through a gateway


When a gateway is setup, all assets and respective attributes are shared.

Is it possible to limit which assets and which attributes are shared through a gateway? If it is not possible, where could we start to implement this feature?

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Adriano Carvalho

Hi Adriano,

Edit: After reading your other post I see I misunderstood you before. It is currently not possible to limit the access to the assets and attributes. I will discuss internally how the functionality can be enhanced, and how you could help. Will take a few weeks though due to vacations.

It depends on your setup, but I think you are looking for the Restricted User realm role that you can give users. If you give that role to your service user it will only have access to the assets it is linked to (you can do that by clicking ‘Linked Assets’). Additionally you have to set the configuration items Access Restricted Read and/or Access Restricted Write on the attributes you want the user to have access to.


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