Linux controller install? Where to download?

I seem to be stuck in a loop on the OpenRemote website in trying to figure out where and how to download the controller software. The so-called Linux install instructions just take me back to a generic “Community” page and my search queries for “linux install” or “download” only take me to the same circular links. I have found the git repository, but certainly there must be binaries somewhere for those who are not keen to attempt to compile from source?

Ok, found this download page:

The readme sends me back into the same circle however.

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That is a deliberate move to protect the software.

Once you have your OpenRemote Pro designer login details you'll find a resources download link in the top right hand corner of the designer.

That will take you to the GitHub page where you should be able to see Version 2.5 & Version 2.6 zip files.

Please let us know how you get on.



Just follow the order in ‘Get Started’ instructions:

This is the closest I have found to linux installation documentation:

I have successfully started the controller, however, I am unable to get past the step to create the link between designer and controller, which I presume is because I am running the controller on a computer within a LAN.

I am an experienced linux administrator, but without documentation, I’m not able to get too far on this. It seems like the commercial focus of the main site has led to hiding a lot of openness and useful information. Which is a shame because I do have a potential commercial application for this project, just not yet…

Unless I can find more thorough community documentation (I find Google groups to be practically impossible to navigate), I think I’ll wait a bit longer on trying this. I do appreciate your support thus far.


If you have the controller up and running is should just be a simple case of going to

And entering your designer user name and password to sync your online design to your controller.

Other than that, the controller can operate quite happily on a closed network.

Now regarding commercial support, if you have a commercial application for OpenRemote you could try reaching out to the support team using -

Alternatively, if you are in the UK, I might be able to assist you, although I do specialise in automation and control hardware, rather than directly supporting the OpenRemote software.

(Call it a mutually beneficial relationship)

However, I've got a good number of Linux based OpenRemote controllers out in the real world now.

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