Live assets in the insights map

Hello Everyone
I hope you are doing fine
I want to make the light asset in the dashboard of the insight
I want to be live like the maps tab
Can any one can make it help me to solve this

I noticed the same thing even with gauge etc.
You need to refresh the page to see updated data, but would be nice if it would auto-update
@Don @Rich is this feature scheduled somewhere?


We have talked in the past about implementing live updates on the insights page.
It’s currently not a high priority for us, and would require quite some changes to several widgets.
So I don’t expect it anytime soon. But I believe it’s in our backlog :wink:

For the time being, several browsers support auto-refresh for every X seconds.
It’s a bit of a hacky option, but could work for a kiosk-ish live experience.

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