Local running data is lost

Is this true for the two environments? OR_SETUP_RUN_ON_RESTART: ${OR_SETUP_RUN_ON_RESTART:-false}

Please ensure that neither OR_SETUP_RUN_ON_RESTART nor OR_DEV_MODE are set, as these configurations should prevent the database from being cleared. The database must remain outside the container, within the persistent volume. Could you please share the contents of your docker-compose.yml file? Also, verify that the aforementioned variables are not enabled.

docker-compose.txt (2.5 KB)

This is my file. Is there a problem

As indicated in your file, the OR_SETUP_RUN_ON_RESTART field currently has an empty value. This leaves the behavior at the discretion of the programmer when this value is not specified. I recommend updating it to:


If I want the data to be saved, should I set it to true

No, if you set it true, then it will run a setup on each restart cleaning all data.

I set it to false, but the data still gets cleaned up when I reboot

I’m afraid that my knowledge ends here. Maybe @Don can you help further?