Log into the mobile app

How to log into mobile app when i don’t know my project name ? Where can I find it?

I’m not sure about this, but as far as I am aware you need to have a domain registered at {projct_name}.openremote.io. @Don @Pierre can you comment if it is customisable?

Hi, indeed the OpenRemote apps currently works with the projects hosted by ourselves (with our domain name). However, the codebase is open source as well (100% :slight_smile: ) so you can build your own iOS and Android app. Unfortunately this still needs documentation…Sorry about that…still work to do.


I do have 2 questions:

How do I change to another project in the IOS app Openremote ?
(It seems to remember the choosen project and after restarting I get only the login prompt.)

How/where do I configure the IOS app Openremote to go to my project which is running on my local network ?

I did not find any documentation about this topic.

Hi Stephen, there is documentation for that at User Guide: Consoles · openremote/openremote Wiki · GitHub

Thank you for the info.

Just for clearity and to check if I understand the documentation:

To use my own project with the current version of he IOS Openremote is not possible because the domain can not be configured. (Hard coded “openremore.io”)

I have to clone the app from the source and build a new IOS app with my own domain name (url).
And I need to be an IOS developer (paying the fee) to create and install the new app on my devices.

Is this correct ?

Yes, that’s right. It’s on our list to make the URL also a setting in the standard app.

Hi Pierre,

Thank you.
I will wait for the setting in the app.


Hi Stephen, some good news! You can now use the mobile apps connecting to your own project and domain name. See the wiki: Using the OpenRemote Consoles.