Login Error

Logging into the designer shows an error. Can an admin please have a look at this for me have been waiting months for a reply now :frowning:

username: dillon.murphy

“There has been an I/O error in reading or saving a cached copy of your account data stored in Beehive. The system administrators have been notified of this error. To prevent any potential damage, further modifications of your data has been disabled until the admins have cleared the issue. Do not make changes to your designs or configuration during this period, as these changes may get lost. For further assistance, contact support. (Error Message : Error reading zip entry ‘iPadhorizontalV2.png’ from ‘/usr/share/tomcat6/webapps/ROOT/modeler_tmp/928/openremote.zip’ : Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream)”

I have no backup and losing this account would lose days of work so any help is greatly appreciated.

Regards, Dillon

I did restore a backup of your account, not sure about the date the issue occurred, so I hope it does recover all/most of your configuration.

Thankyou so much Eric!! you have made my week! didn’t loose too much either.

Can you restore my account as well? I get the same message.

user: mmcpheet