Login page logo on mobile

Hi everyone
I was able to change every logo on login page + manager and favicon, but I noticed that the Mobile Logo I uploaded isn’t being used on login page. This causes a large page because the main logo is good for a browser but not on the app. Is there a way to set separate logo for browser and app, or should it change by itself and I did something wrong?


The three logos you can change in manager_config and upload in ‘setttings/appearance’ are for favicon/manager header logo/manager header logo on mobile. For the login page itself, you currently have to change styling and logo in Keycloak, see Authentication logo - #17 by cheezymcsquibble But not sure whether you can add different logo’s for desktop and mobile. So far we always use the same logo and check resolution, which works out fine. Just half an answer :slight_smile:

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Hi pcr,

You would have to edit the keycloak theme pages yourself to do this.
Let us know how far you get :slight_smile: