Loxone in OpenRemote

Hello all,

For anyone that's interested we've managed to integrate a Loxone TRV and Relay into OpenRemote.

It was extremely easy in the end, once we'd been pointed in the right direction with X-Path codes.

If anyone is interested, pop a comment on here and I'll explain how we did it.

If there is enough interest, I'll even put a tutorial together.



How do you connect? Using the Loxone miniserver and the REST API?

Exactly so.

A simple //LL/@value X-Path to get the values from queries.

And round(concat(//LL/@value,"")) X-Path to round out the target temperature to suit a slider level / range sensor

All thanks to Pieter & Richard for the help with X-Path query.

Ok, cool :slight_smile:
But why to use the miniserver at all if you have the OR controller ?

I think the mini-server was in place anyway and OpenRemote was an after thought.

We're using OpenRemote to join systems together and centralise the point at which the user interacts with the building.

We have a test rule in place that is reading the target temperature from a Velbus glass panel and inject that value into a Loxone TRV actuator.

It's early days, but the results look good.

Out of curiosity, are you aware of an easier way to get a TCP gateway from the Loxone system? (Instead of using their mini server)

Yeah, that is what OpenRemote is perfect for :slight_smile:
Since the miniserver is the heart of the Loxone system I don’t see any other way to translate from their internal bus to TCP.